30 Before 30

30 before 30

I am 26 next week. I’m not sure how or when that happened as I can clearly remember being in school and thinking that was forever away and by that time I’d obviously have achieved everything I’d ever need to in my life. Funny how little idea I had! I’m starting to be more conscious of the fact that 30 is now closer than 20 and while I don’t at all think 30 is some sort of cut off point for doing things, I do feel like maybe by then I should have achieved a little more or have a clue what I’m doing by then. Also I REALLY LIKE LISTS AND GOALS OK?!

I don’t want this list to fall too far into cringeworthy territory, but some things are quite personal to what I want to achieve over the next few years.

1. Start a new business
This is a big one for me and my most important goal. I like making websites, it’s challenging, interesting, often frustrating, often rewarding and it has lots of little quirks you learn along the way. However, I don’t enjoy staring at my screen all day every day. I get awful eye strain, bloodshot eyes and am prone to migraines. I don’t want to give it up altogether, but I want to do something else that makes me money, preferably away from my screen and making things!

2. Give blood
Giving blood is so important. This has been on my list of things I want to do for a while and I keep letting my needle fear get in the way. My fear is nowhere near as important to how needed blood donations are. I just need to suck it up and do it.

Brooklyn Bridge January 2015

2. Visit New York again
What would be my ideal is to get a nice long freelance contract and stay in New York for the length of my tourist visa doing my freelance work and feeling like an NYC local. Either way, I just want to go back and eat all the food…though maybe not in a January blizzard next time. As magical as it was, the frequently -10C and below temperatures were painful!

4. Go to Japan
This is more of a ‘bucket list’ item for me. I’ve wanted to go to Japan since I was a teenager. I’d love to spend a few weeks not only visiting Tokyo but Kyoto, Osaka and Mount Fuji. I am dying to go to the Ghibli museum. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it in the next four years as it will be very, very expensive to do but hey, I’ll try!

5. Learn to rollerskate
I actually put this on my 25 in 2015 in list and failed at it. I do own roller-skates but I am a human bambi, I can barely walk so I have been putting this one off. I’d love to do roller derby as I have a lot of pent up aggression and think I would be awesome at it…if I could skate.

6. Watch the top 100 films on IMDB / watch more classic films
Ok this is a bit of a cheat as my boyfriend and I have been doing this one for a while. We saved a list of the top 100 as it was maybe a year ago, mostly because I am not a movie buff at all and there are so many classics I haven’t seen. I want to dedicate myself a bit more to watching them though as I’ve been fairly poor up ’til this point. I just have the worst attention span ever.

7. Learn to swim
I can’t swim and this does bother me, I feel like I’m missing out. I’d love to be able to go snorkelling. I also have a really irrational fear about someone just dumping me in the middle of a lake and drowning because I can’t swim. I do have a little fear of water, I hate it getting in my face, particularly my nose and eyes and need to get past this!

Lofoten summer Fredvang

8. Go on a hiking holiday
On foot is pretty much the only way to see some of the world’s best natural beauty. Doing a multi-day trek in Torres del Paine (a Chilean national park) last year was tough as hell, but an absolute treat for the eyes. City breaks are my jam but it’s refreshing getting into the peacefulness of nature every once in a while. Lofoten Islands (left) in Norway is next on the hit-list but would also like to do a day-trip up Mount Snowden (right).

9. Learn to make some cocktails / have a drinks trolley!
I totally want to be the hostess with the mostest and be able to whip up a solid (legit, not just various spirits slung into a glass) cocktail whenever I fancy.

10. Get a tattoo
You have no idea how long I’ve wanted the deathly hallows symbol on me. Just small, maybe under an inner arm piece that I’d also like to get.

11. Make a small print run of notebooks
I love stationery, I am a paper addict. Last year a friend and I went down the road of looking at starting our own stationery brand but what we wanted to do was just too expensive. I am still nurturing this idea and would like to do something a little more small scale with some painted patterns and test the waters a bit.

12. Go to Goodison Park with my family
Being a London dwelling Evertonian means I’ve never visited Goodison. I’d love to take my Dad and go with all my Scouse family to watch the football.

13. Learn to DJ
I had a very brief lesson on some decks from a DJ friend but it was at a little summer BBQ gathering and I was fairly drunk and found it quite hard to concentrate/listen to two different bits of music at once. I actually managed to sync up my songs after a couple of tries but I’d love to spend some proper time learning…sober!

14. Go out in drag
All I do on youtube is watch drag queens and drag queen makeup tutorials. This is a silly one but I’d love to do full on drag and go on a night out in it.

15. Teach/Mentor
I don’t know why, I’ve just always wanted to be good enough at something that I could then impart my knowledge onto someone else. I’d love to maybe guest lecture at my old uni or mentor young girl coders.

16. Start having regular massages
Because treat yo’self. I don’t particularly like the thought of being touched by a stranger but I moan about my back and shoulders a lot and shouldn’t just feel like I need to get on with it.

17. Volunteer
I’ve looked into volunteering locally before and I’m so ashamed to admit my social anxiety got in the way. I got really freaked out by the idea of meeting lots of people and being crap at it. I still really want to volunteer as I think it’s important to give back to the communities we live in and help the people who need it.

18. Take up yoga/pilates
I don’t really know the difference but I do know that I have the worst joints ever and could really do with becoming more flexible. EVERYTHING clicks when I stand up, my bones make me sound seriously geriatric!

19. Travel to Central America
So I can stay and become a sloth mother.

20. Take a ceramics class
Part of my DO ALL THE THINGS saga, I’d love to make ceramics. I want to transfer some of my painted patterns to clay as I really think they’d work well as cute little dessert plates or bowls.
I signed up for a class with Turning Earth in Hoxton as I was finishing this post! 12 weeks of ceramics here I come!

21. Go on a girl’s holiday
I went on a hen do with my girls last year which was fun but not particularly the way I travel. I’d like do a little cultural weekend away with my girls. A few years ago we did Stockholm together which was so fun. Everyone is all loved up and focussed on mortgages right now but hopefully we can all find time to squeeze in a weekend away, just because!

22. Love myself
This is a bit cheesy but it’s important to me. My teenage years and my early twenties were plagued with such a lack of self-esteem and I just want to shake all that negativity off and love myself from my ice-cream-belly to my wonky eye.

Chocolate cake @macaroons
Raspberry cake @macaroons

23. Get paid to make and decorate a cake
My dream is to open a cake shop but it’s always just been a dream. I think I want to push it a bit more.

24. Make a dress
I used to be an average sewer and much more into altering clothes when I was a student but haven’t done anything since. I’d love to get back into altering clothes and potentially make a dress to fit me in a pattern I want!

25. Go clay pigeon shooting
Just for fun this one. This does seem a bit overtly middle class but I really want to shoot some shit.

26. Read 100 books
I love reading but I never make time for it. I used to read on my commute but since working from home I haven’t read at all which I feel so bad about. I really want to make time to read, whether it’s an hour before bed or something while I’m eating breakfast/lunch.

27. Take a pole-dancing class
I’ve wanted to do this for ages. It seems pretty pricey but fun and liberating. I want to be strong and pole work is meant to be excellent at improving all round body strength.

28. Start saving for a pension
This is so boring but aside from giving blood, is probably the most important one on this list. I am self-employed. I haven’t started saving for a pension yet because life is expensive…but I need to start putting a little away.

29. Have afternoon tea at Sketch or Claridges. or both!
Live that luxury bitch lifestyle.

30. Go on a driving holiday
Of course a Stateside road-trip is the dream, but even just driving around Italy or somewhere like that would be fun. I don’t really feel that comfortable driving and want to throw myself in at the deep end a bit!

I’ll keep this list updated. 30 is still a while away so who knows what I can tick off and what I might go off!