5 Festive DIYs To Try

As well as doing some of my own DIYs this Christmas, I’ve been avidly looking out for more fun little crafts to do over Christmas. Can you tell I’m not working right now? Let me fill my days with hat making! Shout out to all the bloggers who have been sharing great recipes and DIYs this December, but here are five of my favourites:

Oh Happy Day Christmas Hats

1. Christmas Tree Party Hats – Oh Happy Day
These are ridiculously adorable, and so simple! I am a fan of the classic cracker hat, but I really want to make these for this year because LOOK at them! I love the Oh Happy Day blog and they’ve been putting out some really great, unique Christmas craft posts this festive season so go over and check them out!

Katy Belle No Bake Gingerbread Truffles

2. No Bake Gingerbread Truffles – Katy Belle
How delicious do these sound? Gingerbread is one of my favourite things to scoff at Christmas time and these sound lush. They’d also make a nice gift/stocking filler.

The White Journal Envelope Liners

3. Envelope Liners – The White Journal
The lovely Katie at The White Journal shows you how to make this cute and simple envelope liners. I like this idea, especially if you are posting cards to friends who maybe live far away. It’s just a sweet way to dress up your snail mail.

Tara Daniella Peppermint Brownies

4. Peppermint Brownies – Tara Daniella
These cute brownies are flavoured with peppermint creams (yum) and decorated with candy canes. If you’re a fan of mint hot chocolates at this time of year, you’ll love these.

PSL Shea Butter

5. Shea Butter – It’s A Pretty Simple Life
I stumbled across this post while browsing blogmas posts and I thought it seemed like a really good idea. I haven’t seen a lot of DIY beauty gift posts this season, maybe I’ve not been looking properly, but this seemed like a relatively easy thing to make and would make a sweet gift.