A Birthday in Budapest


It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my boyfriend took me to Budapest for 3 nights for my present. We had some hit and miss weather but it is a gorgeous city and ideal short break destination. Read on to see what we got up to!

Budapest Castle
Budapest - Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion & Matthias Church

Once we’d arrived, around 3ish and settled into our lovely airbnb (opposite a museum!), we decided to walk to Fisherman’s Bastion. The forecast was saying the following days would all be rainy so we thought it best to get in some of the views while there was some sun about. It was probably about a 40 minute walk but we got to take in the city which always feels like the best thing to do when you arrive somewhere new. We also stopped for ice cream. What kind of birthday doesn’t have ice cream?

Matthias Church Budapest Tiles
Matthias Church Budapest

I loved the tiles on top of the Matthias Church. So many of the buildings in Budapest had great tiled roofs but this one is my favourite. We did a little more exploring before walking to Menza for dinner. We noticed lots of the restaurants had quite similar menus and there was a total mish mash of cuisines but the food was comforting and delicious as standard everywhere we tried.

Walking around, enjoying the architecture!

The next day we spent exploring, but not until I gave fashion blogging a go. I managed one photo before I just couldn’t take it seriously. (I am definitely poking fun at myself in the second photo if it wasn’t clear!) Please ignore the bruises on my leg…I got them after two separate nights out. Not sure how but unexplainable bruises are a part of my daily life. I’m like Ross, I bruise like a peach!


Takeaway soup is a big thing in Budapest so we started our day (when I say day it was probably about midday by the time we got outside. Bad morning holiday people) with a cup of soup from Leves which was just down the road from our airbnb. I highly recommend it. I had an italian chicken soup with a generous helping of croutons and it was so flavoursome. It tasted kind of buttery which I am definitely down with. It started absolutely chucking it down, so we mooched around the indoor market for a little bit then took a long walk to St. Stephen’s Basilica.

St Stephen's Basilica
St Stephens Basilica
St. Stephen's Basilica St. Stephen's Basilica

I’m not religious so I take no godly pleasure in cathedrals but I do love the gaudiness of them. So much GOLD! It’s a beautifully made building. We also walked to the top to get views across the city. I wish we’d taken the lift to the top, it was difficult enjoying the views after ascending what felt like never-ending spiral staircases as I just felt dizzy and sick!


We went to Szimpla Kert, a ruin bar/pub in the evening for a couple of drinks. It was a cool setting for a bar for definite but it was a bit too busy and full of British tourists for my liking. It’d have been nice to enjoy the outside area the bar had but the weather was doing it’s best to DROWN us that night. I didn’t take my camera out so no photos I’m afraid.

Parliament, Margaret Island and Thermal Baths

Friday, the sun came out so we made the most of it, taking the tram to see the Parliament building up close which was jaw-dropping. I love gothic architecture! Then we walked to Margaret Island and rented some strange adult trike which was hilarious. I had to slide right down for my feet to reach the pedals 🙁 #shortpeopleproblems

Budapest Parliament Building
Margaret Island
Margaret Island

Thermal Baths

On Friday afternoon we went to the Széchenyi thermal baths and I think we ended up spending nearly 3 hours here going in the various baths and generally just relaxing which was a dream after a couple of days stomping the streets and our earlier trike ride on the island. We went around 4pm; it was a little busy, then it emptied out a bit. It seemed to pick up again as we were were leaving close to 7pm. It wasn’t impossible to get into any of the baths, occasionally you had to just wait in the middle for a while but there was a frequent enough turnover of people you’d get a chance to sit around the sides and just relax for a while. I don’t swim but nothing is scarily deep or anything here, so don’t be put off if you have any swimming fears!

We went for a late, delicious dinner then spent our last day eating and drinking around Budapest before flying home. Until next time Budapest!


I had such a nice birthday and Budapest is really beautiful. It’s definitely straight into my top 5 cities, perhaps even top 3! I can’t recommend it enough.

What are your favourite cities? Let me know in the comments!