An Afternoon in Formby

Formby beach

A couple of weeks ago, Jonny and I took advantage of the weekday sun and drove West to the coast, for an afternoon stroll along Formby beach, over the dunes and back through the forest. Formby is in Merseyside and it’s beach and pinewoods are a National Trust site. It’s a home to red squirrels, but we didn’t spot anyway. Lots of bunnies though!

Formby beach Formby dunes formby-04 formby-05 formby-06

I collected shells and felt all nostalgic. When I was very young, some family friends of my parents used to live just a bit further down the coast in Crosby, right behind a small dune and we would take walks on the beach. My dad would point out a tower he worked on and being a small child, I believed he built the entire thing. “There’s the tower you built!” I’d point out on future walks. My memories of that time are sparse (I must have been under 8, perhaps younger) but the things I can remember, I really remember fondly.

I collected shells a lot because these are the things an only child gets tasked with to entertain themselves. I took them all home back then, but this time I thanked them and let them go before we went home. I’m not often in the habit of saying thank you to inanimate objects, but it felt right. Thanks for the joy little shells, now and back then.


It was a good thing we made the most of a sunny day as the weather has been absolutely abysmal since, with what feels like never-ending heavy rain and miserable gloomy skies. If the weather ever does decided to stop shitting all over summer and you live in the North West, Formby is a nice place to take a stroll and a picnic for an afternoon. Fingers crossed, eh?