Blogmas is Coming!

Macaroons Blogmas 2016

For Christmas a couple of years ago, I gave my friends and colleagues salted caramel sauce in Kilner jars, dressed up with ribbon and handmade labels including handwritten instructions. All this took was a little planning and effort on my behalf and people got a gift that they could use (the sauce), something nice to keep (the Kilner jar) and a nice warm feeling. It was also quite cheap for me to do, which is always good at what can be an expensive time of year.

I know blogmas/vlogmas traditionally runs from December 1st but I wanted to do a series including a fair number of DIY and food posts, all of which I feel are best to offer up pre-December. It pays to be organised with these things. You don’t want to end up like I did, rushing onion chutney the night before my last day in work. You can’t rush chutney. It’s a waste of onions (and tears).

So starting later this week, I’ll be embarking on 30 days of Christmas/festive posting. If you hate or don’t celebrate Christmas – sorry! But hopefully there will be recipes or DIY ideas to take away for all.

Wish me luck – I’ve only written 32 posts since setting up this blog in April, so this could be a challenge but I want to push myself to not be lazy about creating the kind of content I’d like to do more of. I love Christmas, I adore the festive feels, I live for all things shiny and glittery. I also like making shit.

If you’re doing anything similar, please leave a comment below or tweet me so we can band together for moral support! Even if you aren’t, moral support will be appreciated and needed, ha.