Macaroons Christmas Winter Wallpaper 2016 Free Download

Free Christmas Wallpaper: Minimal Tree Pattern

When I was planning Blogmas, I knew I wanted to do another wallpaper. My Autumn wallpaper has been one of the most visited posts on my blog and I had lovely feedback on twitter and from friends. I’m actually bringing you something more minimal this time around and I am in love with the dark […]

Shop Independent this Christmas: A Gift Guide

Sorry for the break in blogmas! I’m not organised enough to have any scheduled posts, have been very busy since Friday and typically the last two DIY ideas I had in mind, I’ve given a test whirl and neither have worked as I wanted. Very frustrating, but there are still a few more DIY posts […]

Macaroons Free Download Wallpaper Autumn

Free Download: Autumn Digital Wallpaper

So I made my first repeating pattern this weekend and although it’s not normally the style I find myself drawn to, I’m actually pretty pleased with how it came out. I figured I could let it sit on my laptop forever until I forget about it, or I could turn it into a desktop wallpaper […]

Back to School: Stationery Lust List

I’m sorry for calling this Back to School. I know, it’s a total cliché…especially as I am too old for school…and college. Even my graduation has been gone longer than my time at university. Seeing all the back to school stationery displays in shops always reminds me of how great it was going with my […]

Wishlist: Homewares in Teal & Gold

Despite not having a home of my own, I always browse home accessories. As much as I have nomad desires and a constant itch to travel and be free of my objects, I am typically quite materialistic. How awful! I should be moving in with my boyfriend later this year and I’d love to rent somewhere […]