Macaroons Blogmas 2016

Some Thoughts on Blogmas

Let’s preface this by saying I did not do the ‘traditional’ blogmas which is a 24 day challenge that runs from 1 – 24 Dec. I set myself a 30 day blog challenge focused on Christmas but started in November, due to me wanting to be able to provide some craft posts ahead of December. […]

December Self Care

Self Care at Christmas Time

December can be exhausting for lots of people, for many reasons. Whether it’s social plans, the busy season at work or the final push to the end of the year, the pressure of gift buying or budgeting, all of the above and more, December can be chaotic and amidst all this chaos it becomes easy […]

Shop Independent this Christmas: A Gift Guide

Sorry for the break in blogmas! I’m not organised enough to have any scheduled posts, have been very busy since Friday and typically the last two DIY ideas I had in mind, I’ve given a test whirl and neither have worked as I wanted. Very frustrating, but there are still a few more DIY posts […]


Life Lately #4: July & August

Seeing as I missed July, I thought I’d squeeze it into this post along with August. If you read my ‘Where Have I Been?‘ post, you’ll know that my day-to-day as someone who works from home have been challenging. Thankfully, there have been some great moments to alleviate that. Scotland A friend of mine was housesitting […]

Back to School: Stationery Lust List

I’m sorry for calling this Back to School. I know, it’s a total cliché…especially as I am too old for school…and college. Even my graduation has been gone longer than my time at university. Seeing all the back to school stationery displays in shops always reminds me of how great it was going with my […]


Where Have I Been?

Where the hell have I been? It’s a simple reason, but one that has been the bane of my life all month and longer. Sadly it’s not been because I’ve been having a WILD summer but all because my internet has been extremely crappy and intermittent with plenty of outages, so my blog has suffered. Side […]