Decoration Idea: Metallic Paper Pinwheels

Paper Rosettes

Don’t hate me…today’s post is a bit of a cop out, as I’m ill. I just wanted to share a quick decoration I’m going to be putting up in the house, once we put up our Christmas decorations. Just did a quick trial run on the inside of my bedroom door today!

Paper pinwheels are easy to make and a quick way of adding some colour or decoration to doors and walls. I want to put these on doors in the hallway to add a bit of festivity. I’m debating making some more to do a larger wall decoration as we have a nice blank space in the living room that would suit this. Much like making pom poms, this is a task that isn’t too labour intensive so can be done while watching TV in bed. I’m an advocate of bed crafts!

The metallic pinwheels are made from IKEA wrapping paper and I just used A4 coloured paper for the smaller ones. Just a cheap, simple but joyful way to lift a blank wall or door for the holidays.