DIY Space Galaxy Baubles

DIY Space Galaxy Baubles

I’ve had a few bauble ideas this year. One was a pineapple, which so far I’ve failed miserably at because want I want to do is just tricky and a bit of a faff and I don’t really agree with crafts that are more pain than pleasure. Maybe I’ll figure it out. Maybe someone else can do a good one for me.

These space baubles, however, have turned out great and were easy and quick to do. I saw some lovely painted ones on pinterest, but I’m not the best at traditional art so I thought I’d go the devastatingly messy route. Yes, the downside is I will be finding glitter in every crevice of my life for at least 3 weeks. I answered the door to the postman this morning, who gave me a funny look and it wasn’t until I caught sight of my self in a mirror that I realised my face was COVERED in black glitter, like dozens of funny looking sparkly blackheads.

DIY Space Baubles

DIY Space Baubles

You’ll need
Clear glass baubles
Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
Fine glitter in black and at least 2 other colours of your choice
PVA glue
White acrylic paint
Small paintbrush
Ribbon for hanging
Disposable plastic cups (optional)
Paper cone funnel (optional)

Step 1. Remove the metal cap from the bauble. Pour some isopropyl alcohol into your bauble, swirl it around and pour out. If it’s dirty or greasy on the outside, give it a clean with a cotton pad soaked in the alcohol. Leave to dry upside down.

Step 2. Mix PVA glue and water, roughly 50/50. Pour into the bauble, swirl around so everything is covered then pour out the excess. You can leave it upside down in a plastic cup and move onto the next step.

Bauble glitter

Step 3. In a disposable plastic cup or similar, mix around half a tsp of black glitter with a pinch of your 2 colours. The colour should be mostly black, just with specks of other glitter to give it some depth. Using a paper cone funnel or by just carefully pouring in, add around half of this mix to the bottom of the bauble and gently move it around to cover the base. Add in a small amount of your 2 colours and rotate a little, then add the rest of the black glitter mix and continue to rotate the colours back and forth until you reach the top of the bauble. You should have little ‘galaxies’ of colour amongst the black. Tap out any excess onto a piece of paper and leave until the glue is dry.

Step 4. Thin down a blob of white acrylic paint with a drop of water, until it’s just thin enough you can put it on a paintbrush and flick little flecks of paint onto your surface. Test this on a piece of paper first, and if you’re happy, then flick the white paint around your bauble. You mostly want little dots of paint, but the odd bigger bit of paint is good. Using a thin paintbrush, you can also create bigger stars to add depth.

Step 5. Put your bauble cap back in carefully and attach a loop of string or ribbon to hang the ornament from.

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