Life Lately #1: Monthly Roundup

April Favourites

So I thought it’d be nice to do a monthly post to just talk about favourites and gratitude for the month and spread some positivity. I was meant to get this up on Saturday but I’ve been quite busy. Here are my April favourites!


Clinique Bottom Lash mascara
This makes my bottom lashes look more impressive than my (admittedly pathetic) top lashes. Finally I can get the tiny bastards in the corners of my eye! This also lasts impressively well.

Ola Brass on Grey Notebook
I came across Ola at a trade show last year but finally treated myself to a few of her designs recently, including this lush brass on grey pocket notebook which has become my ‘blog ideas’ book where I can just jot ideas down that may or may not become fully fleshed out posts.

NYX Velvet Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm
I picked up a few NYX bits now they’re being stocked by Selfridges making them easier to get a hold of. I’m not the hugest liquid lipstick fan (matte lipsticks 4 life) but the colour of this is gorgeous and helping ease me into this temperamental Spring weather.

Essie polish in Maximillian Strasse-Her and Sole Mate
These have been my go-to colours this month, I can’t get enough of this grey on my fingernails. It’s quite a soft greeny grey and has been my choice for ‘Spring’ nails, pastel without being too typically pastel.

Pimkie sunglasses
Picked these up from ASOS for the bargain price of £6.99. I’d link them but unfortunately they appear to be sold out already. I love these, they look more expensive than £6.99 but more important than the price I just enjoy them on my face A LOT.

Honey & Co Baking Book
It’s such a joy to pick up a baking book and to see exciting things on every page. I’ve not made anything from this yet but there are a few that have moved to the top of my list (hello chocolate pistachio cookies!) to make ASAP.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
I’ll be reviewing this soon but for now let me just say this is a great and relatively inexpensive palette full of lovely warm colours, a dream if you, like me, don’t suit cool tones at all.


My boyfriend for generally being wonderful, but especially for driving the 4 hours to see me for a day and a half (and the 4 hrs back up of course) just so I didn’t have to watch the FA cup semi-final alone
Being beyond proud of my life partner Jasmin for running her first marathon in Brighton and doing it in 3:54!
And love to my pal Louise. We have a similar sense of humour and got very invested making hilarious and slightly offensive signs of support for Jasmin
My former colleagues and nomad pals Aggie and Stevo passing work onto me and being wonderful sources of positive inspiration
 Being back at the gym
 Having the time to paint, bake, game
 Loads of people being really lovely about the chocolate dipped biscuit recipe I shared!
 When I tweeted about one of my irrational anxieties and the replies let me know I wasn’t alone
paying off Glasto, 2016 here I come!
my bed, always my bed

What made you happy in April?

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