Life Lately #4: July & August


Seeing as I missed July, I thought I’d squeeze it into this post along with August. If you read my ‘Where Have I Been?‘ post, you’ll know that my day-to-day as someone who works from home have been challenging. Thankfully, there have been some great moments to alleviate that.


A friend of mine was housesitting for her Dad who lives in the middle of nowhere in Scotland (Argyll and Bute) and so I had a lovely extended weekend of exploring a very beautiful part of the world with three of my friends who motivate me most. Hilariously, I was there when it was 33°C in London and I saw lots of people on my Facebook and twitter complaining about it. It was 15°C in Scotland and we had to have the fire on in the house! It was still stunning though and it didn’t stop us having days out. Thankfully we had a day of sunshine at the end too.

Wilderness Festival
Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival

August kicked off with Wilderness Festival which is hands-down the most middle class festival I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to Glastonbury. Every day had a fancy dress theme which getting into was a lot of fun as usually I go very ‘camping practical’ to a festival, but I wouldn’t go again. It all felt a bit too village fete for my liking. I mean, I had a shower. Twice! Although to be fair, I did cover my body with glitter and one of those showers was VERY needed. Showering aside, it just lacked the atmosphere of people getting excited about music and felt a lot more like ‘something to do with the kids’.

Nectarine Tart

Beyoncé, Baking and Pokemon Go

I finally got to see the Queen herself when she played Wembley at the start of July. I mean, don’t kill me, it wasn’t the greatest concert I’ve ever been too, but she really is Girl Power Goals. I’ve also been doing a lot of baking and a little bit of Pokemon hunting too. Not as much as I like, because frankly I won’t give the game up until my Pokedex is full. Hopefully before winter turns up because who wants their thumbs to fall off in the cold, flinging imaginary poke balls at imaginary pokemon? Not me.


I’m pretty much on a non-essential spending ban and any money has been going towards things I planned back in the halcyon days of not being skint. However, I have to recommend to anyone who will listen the Baby Foot peel. I did it last Sunday and since then the majority of the top layer of my feet has peeled off. As a gross human being, I am a big fan of this. IT IS SO SATISFYING, you need to do it, ok?!


I’ve been a very lazy reader! I bought The Summer That Melted Everything when it came out but have been making my way through it very very slowly. I’m enjoying it, I’m just not in a very bookish mood.


Like everyone it seems, I watched Stranger Things and really enjoyed it. Do I think it’s the greatest TV show ever? No. But I loved the 80s nostalgia, the nods to E.T. and the fact Africa by Toto got an outing in the first episode. Also, I’m so here for Winona Ryder making a comeback.
Also, I am all over RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 that started last week. There’s only been two episodes but this is the greatest season ever. The cast, the twist, the fact RuPaul seems genuinely into it again…I’m living!


Summer sunsets, the first cool night after a string of hot ones and suddenly your duvet feels soft and inviting again, friends who motivate you, food that hugs you, (very) drunken afternoon tea, GBBO twitter, infectious positivity

September Goals

– My portfolio. For the love of god I need to get this done.