Milk Jam Pudding Club

Milk Jam Pudding Club

When I saw a tweet pop up on my timeline from Milk Jam, saying there were a few tickets available for their press night in collaboration with Deliveroo, I HAD to go and luckily I snapped up a pair before they were sold out. 6 desserts and cocktails in one sitting had me sold, let alone it being from the new venture of A+ sugar addiction enablers Bakeorama, Ginger’s Comfort and Lush Brownies.

I got to Manchester mid afternoon and I hadn’t eaten any lunch so Jonathan and I went out for pizza first because we were starving and were feeling cocky about our ability to consume 5 puddings and drinks after cheese and bread. Post-pizza, we headed straight over to the Old Granada Studios where the event was being held. We got a glass of prosecco on arrival then sat ourselves down at a table covered with sweets. I never grew out of loving pick and mix, so I sat down, mentally rubbing my piggy little hands together, to have a look at the menu.

Milk Jam Screwball
Milk Jam Screwball Toppings

First up was a malted milk screwball with a DIY topping bar. I love a nostalgic dessert. Combined with their creative gumball machine (check it out!) and the choice of crumb toppings, this was so much fun. Sometimes upgraded versions of your childhood favourites come across too try-hard or just too serious, but this was pure joy! Plus the malted milk soft serve was incredible, as was the raspberry and rose sauce I chose to go with mine.

Sweet Potato Doughnut

Next up, a baked sweet potato doughnut with sour apple sauce and speculoos (biscoff!). This was probably my favourite thing of the night and I am definitely going to make some kind of biscoff and apple crumble soon because this combo was so delicious I wanted to do a little cry. I was curious to what a sweet potato doughnut would taste like and the answer is soft, moist and divine. It was accompanied with a grasshopper cocktail in a milk carton. Heaven.

Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

Round three was clementine ice cream sandwiched in between two double chocolate cookies. It also got covered in some kind of warm, drool-worthy chocolate fudge sauce but I didn’t take a photo of this stage as when you put warm sauce on something I’m obviously just going to shove it in my gob. This was deep, super rich and chocolatey but also with a bitterness from the ice cream. I really enjoyed it but was also feeling the poor game plan choice of having a pizza before pudding club starting to weigh me down. (It probably didn’t help I kept grazing on the table sweets.)

Milk Jam Coconut Cheesecake
Milk Jam Coconut Cheesecake

Dessert four was a coconut cheesecake profiterole with RAINBOW lemon card. This was a nice light taste to contrast the chocolate and it looked so pretty on the plate, I love the touch of colouring the curd.

Round five was more ice cream. Now by this point I was full of cocktail and dessert so forgot what was on the menu and dived straight into this thinking YAY ICE CREAM – but it was beer flavoured ice cream. I’m not sure if I’m allergic to beer but it has never sat well in my stomach and therefore I can’t even hack the smell/taste so I had to skip this one. The dessert itself was a cool concept though, it came in a glass with chocolate sauce at the bottom, a scoop of ice-cream and dessert/biscuit style ‘scratchings’ on top.

Our sixth dessert came in a goodie bag: a box of 6 outrageously delicious brownie bites, with a bottle of cold brew coffee. No photo because I had forgotten I was taking photos by the next day, typical. The flavours were salted caramel, pistachio and cardamom, amaretto almond cherry, espresso, raspberry and white chocolate drizzle and a salted caramel pecan blondie. I’m normally quite a brownie purist but they were all so moist and delicious, flavoured while still being intensely chocolately that I really enjoyed them. Particularly the cherry/amaretto one! When Milk Jam open there will be a brownie bar which I am now VERY EXCITED about.

We stumbled out of the darkness of the Old Granada Studios around 10pm, the sky was still a little light and I was WIRED. It honestly felt like the sun was rising after a night out. We headed home, joyous.


Milk Jam opens in Manchester on Oxford Road in July. Fingers crossed I can eat that sweet potato doughnut again. They’ve mentioned there will be more pudding clubs in the future. I WILL BE THERE.

p.s. sorry about the quality of photos in this post, it was v.dark and I was using my phone!