My Evening Skincare Routine


My evening routine has been solid for a good 9 months after plenty of faffing around. It’s actually now quite simple. I don’t double cleanse unless I’m wearing a lot of makeup (I’m lazy and think a heavy balm is enough) and don’t use lots of treatments. I’ve read about needing to switch up products in your routine but honestly I just do what works for my skin and this is going well right now. I am trialling a few new products in my routine though so I’ll let you know if they make the cut in the future!

Step 1
If I’m wearing heavy makeup, I’ll remove that with Clinique’s Take the Day Off makeup remover on a cotton pad first. I first started using this when I discovered it is one of the few things that can take off Mac liquidlast liner without scrubbing your eyelids off!
If I’m wearing minimal or no makeup, it’s straight into step 2.

Step 2
I massage Emma Hardie’s Moringa Balm into skin and remove with hot cloth. There is nothing to say about this product that hasn’t already been said, but for me it is the bomb and definitely a holy grail item for me.

Step 3
A few times a week I’ll sweep over REN’s Clarimatte clarifying toner. I am prone to dry patches around my eyebrows and on the bridge of my nose and this really helps to keep them in check, as well as just lifting radiance levels in my skin. I find with acid toning, my skin will react if I use them everyday so around three times a week works best for me.

Step 4
I do a hydrating spritz with Boots Botanical Rosewater spray. I’m not sure if ‘hydrating’ toners actually do anything or have any real, scientific benefits but I just like the feel of this on my skin and it’s become a staple of my routine that I miss. I forgot to take it with me the last time I was at my boyfriend’s and really missed the little refreshing lift it gives.

Step 5
I finish off with a few drops of Sunday Riley’s Luna. The difference I’ve seen in my morning skin from this being in my routine is just incredible. I wake up and my skin is less dull and oily. I don’t get too many spots anymore but when I do, this also seems to get rid of blemish marks quicker.

On occasion, I switch this up with Vichy’s Normaderm Night Detox which is another great balancer for those who can wake up with skin that look slicked with oil.

Once a week for extra nourishment, I’ll add Night Detox on top of Luna.

I’m always looking out for new products that could work for me, let me know if you think there’s a product my routine is definitely missing!