Peru (Part 2): My Mad Max Experience in Huacachina

Life on Mars

I can’t believe at the end of the last post I said Arequipa was next. It actually wasn’t until my boyfriend said “Why didn’t you put Ica in your last blog post?” that I realised I’d forgotten this place entirely which is absolutely criminal because I LOVE these photos, they are so Mad Max/I am on Mars-esque and I had way too much fun editing a few of them to look a little more alien. Lots of photos ahead!

huacachina-02 huacachina-03

Huacachina is a tiny village surrounding an oasis in a desert. Unfortunately they’ve had to start artificially pumping water into the oasis, but it doesn’t take away from the spectacle of it. Huacachina is a short drive from where we stayed in Ica (the capital of this region of Peru) and we visited purely for the desert. We spent an afternoon dune-buggying and sandboarding which was great fun and just the right dose of adrenaline. This followed with us stopping to watch the sun start to set beyond the endless waves of sand which was pretty magical. I’d never really thought of sand as beautiful before, but this really had me in awe. It was just like an infinite, smooth, rippling fabric.

Ica (the main city and entry point to get to Huacachina) itself was quite shit and the two nights we spent here was too long. We didn’t realise we’d have been able to arrive and get on a dune buggy tour on the same day! So if you ever head this way, don’t hang around for longer than you need to as my only other highlight was a ginormous and cheap tankard of fresh strawberry and pineapple juice.

Huacachina Dunes huacachina-06 huacachina-04 Huacachina Oasis meandbae