Shop Independent this Christmas: A Gift Guide

Indie Gift Guide

Sorry for the break in blogmas! I’m not organised enough to have any scheduled posts, have been very busy since Friday and typically the last two DIY ideas I had in mind, I’ve given a test whirl and neither have worked as I wanted. Very frustrating, but there are still a few more DIY posts in the pipeline, plus lots of food.

Today though, I’m coming at you with this Shop Local(ish), Shop Indie gift guide (*cough* wishlist *cough*). I don’t shop independent for everyone (there are some people it’s easier to just buy something/a brand you know they like) but I’d like to support the indie movement a bit more. There are SO many awesome makers in the UK right now that if you want to go off the high street, there is so much quality to choose from. It can be quite the trawl to find brands, so hopefully this will help some of you. No affliate links, just good vibes and nice things that have caught my eye.

If there are any great UK indie brands you think I’ve missed or should know about, let me know in the comments! Always looking to find more.