Some Thoughts on Blogmas

Macaroons Blogmas 2016

Let’s preface this by saying I did not do the ‘traditional’ blogmas which is a 24 day challenge that runs from 1 – 24 Dec. I set myself a 30 day blog challenge focused on Christmas but started in November, due to me wanting to be able to provide some craft posts ahead of December.

Doing a 30 day blog challenge was FUCKING HARD. And I didn’t have any major freelance work on at any point of the 30 days. I had started with good intentions. A couple of weeks before I had hoped to start, I had a plan. I had the days mapped out and I had more post ideas than days. Great! I’d even managed to order a bunch of things for the week before so I could get started.

But I just didn’t get on with things. It’s funny how we fall into certain behaviours or traits. I have definitely learned I will always be the girl who said she wouldn’t leave her coursework or uni assignments to the last minute, and ended up doing an all-nighter the evening before deadline day. All I had managed to get done before I went live was my chutneys and I had started on my wreath. I hadn’t finished the wreath though. I had hoped to go live with blogmas on the 16th and didn’t until the 19th. Oops! From then on I worked on a day-to-day basis which is hard and incredibly stressful when it’s content that requires making a thing, sometimes in multiple ways so I could pass on the best methods. A bunch of ideas failed or weren’t up to scratch which wouldn’t have been terrible if I’d started earlier, but I hadn’t.

I could sit here and say “oh I’d definitely do it again I’d just need to be more organised” where the reality is, I know it’s incredibly unlikely for me to ever be that organised. Of course it would work if I was organised. But I’m not.

Another thing I hadn’t thought about was how working from a desk in your bedroom is NOT conducive to good mental wellbeing. I work from home, but never from my bedroom anymore because my mind needs to keep work and sleep separate or I struggle to switch off. This had the same effect. Having craft items everywhere, plus a photograph lamp in my room constantly, was really stressful. I burnt myself out and had had enough after about the first 5 posts.

In total, I did 13 posts. I guess that’s a bit shameful for a 30 day challenge, but I’m actually really proud of the content I did manage to put out. I really enjoyed putting together the posts, I just didn’t enjoy the time constraints. I had always wanted to put DIY/craft content onto my blog and this forced me to think about framing the crafts I do at home to be understandable for other people, as well as just putting in the effort to photograph, edit and write up what I do. It’s also inspired me to try to blog more regularly.

If you came and checked out any of my blogmas posts, thank you!. My stats rocketed, but what was nicest was friends telling me they were going to try things I’d posted. Also a huge shout out to the lovely Amy for commenting on nearly every one of my blogmas posts, you really gave me such a boost.

So here’s to posting more in 2017 – though perhaps not to stretching myself to blog challenges!