Sunday Self Care

Sunday Self Care

One of the things I missed most when I was at uni was baths. Showers are great and are especially handy when you’ve got up late, they’re excellent places to think, to sing, to drown your sorrows. For me though, a good bath feels like it’s cleansing my soul. A bath does something to me mentally.

It’s only been in the past few years that I really noticed how pivotal a bath on a Sunday night is for me. On trains back from Manchester after weekends with Jonny, I’d always be a little bit grumpy when I got home and it was too late for a long, hot bath. I felt like I went into Monday too quickly, too stressed.

It must have been when I was most stressed at work that it became important to me. A little ritual, a little bit of time to say sod everything else, I’m going to focus on me right now.

My Sunday bath became more of an event. I run the bath hot and steamy – I want to come out of it feeling reborn. I take my time. The aim is to relax, to soak myself of the weeks highs and lows – not just to wash. Sometimes I do a face mask beforehand, sometimes not. Out of the bath, I do my evening skincare routine. I light lots of candles in my bedroom. I moisturise and put on long socks to lock it all in. Sometimes I might put something on netflix, sometimes music, sometimes I just keep the silence because my mind is enjoying the quiet. I rush nothing, I sit around in my towel and feel like a Queen.

Sunday Self Care

I look forward to it, because it’s a time I dedicate to doing nothing but making myself feel pampered and relaxed. Sometimes, it can be a lighthouse. The beacon that will get me through a shitstorm of a week. Maybe at the end I will start thinking again of things that will stress me out, but for that short period of time, letting myself think about nothing but giving myself some love and attention is so valuable. Even if the week has been uneventful or my mind is in a great place, most of the time I find myself working into evenings or wasting time, so it’s nice to just have that time where I make myself the focus.

Bring Sunday Self Care into your life

1. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday.
Not everyone works Monday to Friday. Sunday might not be good for you. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday, just pick a time where you can have some time to yourself, to clear your head and just do something relaxing for you. I like Sunday’s (and I think the phrase Sunday Self Care comes from this) because it helps to set me up for the week ahead.

2. You deserve this
You deserve to dedicate time to caring for yourself. Allow yourself to spend some time looking after you. People or tasks might try to distract you or take your attention away and you might feel like those things are more deserving, or you don’t want to be ‘selfish’. Maybe you don’t even like yourself right now. You are as important as anyone else in your life and on this planet. Look after yourself, love yourself and take the time you personally need.

3. Do what brings you joy
I have a very specific ritual, but that might not be for you. Light some candles, watch your favourite movie or TV show, do a face mask, eat a Gü pudding, give yourself a manicure, lather your body in your favourite moisturiser. It can be just one thing that makes YOU feel good, that calms you, that lifts your spirit.