Macaroons Blogmas 2016

Some Thoughts on Blogmas

Let’s preface this by saying I did not do the ‘traditional’ blogmas which is a 24 day challenge that runs from 1 – 24 Dec. I set myself a 30 day blog challenge focused on Christmas but started in November, due to me wanting to be able to provide some craft posts ahead of December. […]

Blogmas Favourite DIYs

5 Festive DIYs To Try

As well as doing some of my own DIYs this Christmas, I’ve been avidly looking out for more fun little crafts to do over Christmas. Can you tell I’m not working right now? Let me fill my days with hat making! Shout out to all the bloggers who have been sharing great recipes and DIYs […]

bread wreath - expectation vs reality

Cinnamon Raspberry Bread ‘Wreath’ Recipe

Anyone who follows my instagram will know I love baking. Bread, however, is not an area I feel at all confident or comfortable in. I barely know how to knead bread. I really thought I’d cocked this recipe up and due to my lack of knowledge in the area, I have no idea if what […]

Macaroons Blogmas Salted Caramels

Soft and Moreish Salted Caramels Recipe

I am undeniably a caramel fiend, but these are delicious. They’re soft, so no chewing until your jaw aches here (which is probably dangerous as they’re very moreish) and they have a hint of saltiness that pairs so well with caramel. They’d make a great stocking filler, you can buy cellophane sweet bags cheaply on […]

Blogmas Hot Rum Cocktails

4 Hot Rum Drinks to Enjoy This Winter

I’m not a regular drinker, but there’s something about warm alcohol at winter than makes me more inclined to drink it. A bit of Baileys in a hot chocolate? Yes please. Coffee with a shot of kahlua? Slide one over. Maybe it’s because I’m always cold at home and the minute I have any alcohol […]

Decoration Idea: Metallic Paper Pinwheels

Don’t hate me…today’s post is a bit of a cop out, as I’m ill. I just wanted to share a quick decoration I’m going to be putting up in the house, once we put up our Christmas decorations. Just did a quick trial run on the inside of my bedroom door today! Paper pinwheels are […]