Macaroons Christmas Winter Wallpaper 2016 Free Download

Free Christmas Wallpaper: Minimal Tree Pattern

When I was planning Blogmas, I knew I wanted to do another wallpaper. My Autumn wallpaper has been one of the most visited posts on my blog and I had lovely feedback on twitter and from friends. I’m actually bringing you something more minimal this time around and I am in love with the dark […]

Shop Independent this Christmas: A Gift Guide

Sorry for the break in blogmas! I’m not organised enough to have any scheduled posts, have been very busy since Friday and typically the last two DIY ideas I had in mind, I’ve given a test whirl and neither have worked as I wanted. Very frustrating, but there are still a few more DIY posts […]

Tomato Chilli Chutney

Sweet Tomato Chilli Chutney Recipe

I knew I wanted to make two chutneys this year, a nice mild chutney that goes with everything (the caramelised onion chutney ticked this box) and then something with a bit more kick. This chutney is tangy and has that kick. It’s not hot as I wanted tomato to be the main flavour but you […]

DIY Space Baubles Macaroons

DIY Space Galaxy Baubles

I’ve had a few bauble ideas this year. One was a pineapple, which so far I’ve failed miserably at because want I want to do is just tricky and a bit of a faff and I don’t really agree with crafts that are more pain than pleasure. Maybe I’ll figure it out. Maybe someone else […]

Caramelised Red Onion Chutney - Macaroons

Caramelised Red Onion Chutney Recipe

One of my favourite things about Christmas is going all out with the cheeseboard. We have one on Christmas day evening, once lunch has digested (well, at least slightly) and I always look forward to it. This is enjoyed as much as the new tradition me and my best girls have made on Christmas Eve […]

Advent calendar chocolate

DIY Geometric Tree Advent Calendar

When planning my blogmas/crafty Christmas series, I knew I wanted to make an advent calendar. I had a browse on pinterest and there were some nice ideas but lots of things seem to be overdone. I couldn’t see this anywhere, and as I like to make my life difficult, I thought I’d make a geometric […]