Puerto Varas Lake Llanhique

A Volcanic New Year’s Eve in Puerto Varas

After Valparaiso, we headed to Chile’s capital, Santiago. We didn’t get up to too much here except for wander around places with air conditioning to give us some respite from the 35 degree heat. I didn’t really gel with Santiago, but perhaps we were unlucky. All the museum workers were on strike while we were […]

Valparaiso Chile

Christmas in Valparaiso, Chile

After San Pedro de Atacama, we took a 90 minute bus ride to Calama in search for a hire car. I had got around to the idea that we should hire a car and make our own way down to Santiago because then we’d be able to stop at a couple of beauty spots I’d […]

Atacama Desert Milky Way

Stargazing in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

We left Bolivia and drove through the desert to the Chilean border which involved lots of waiting around in the sun as the border here is stricter. Once we got into San Pedro de Atacama, our first point of call in Chile, we were tired, hungry and thirsty. We were also hot. San Pedro is […]