Macaroons Blogmas 2016

Some Thoughts on Blogmas

Let’s preface this by saying I did not do the ‘traditional’ blogmas which is a 24 day challenge that runs from 1 – 24 Dec. I set myself a 30 day blog challenge focused on Christmas but started in November, due to me wanting to be able to provide some craft posts ahead of December. […]

December Self Care

Self Care at Christmas Time

December can be exhausting for lots of people, for many reasons. Whether it’s social plans, the busy season at work or the final push to the end of the year, the pressure of gift buying or budgeting, all of the above and more, December can be chaotic and amidst all this chaos it becomes easy […]

Growing Up Online

It feels almost weird to say it, but the internet is so very tied up into my identity and who I am as a person. I mean, I went to university via searching ‘internet’ on UCAS (yes, seriously). I work in web development, a skill I started learning as an 11 year old for fun, […]

Sunday Self Care

Sunday Self Care

One of the things I missed most when I was at uni was baths. Showers are great and are especially handy when you’ve got up late, they’re excellent places to think, to sing, to drown your sorrows. For me though, a good bath feels like it’s cleansing my soul. A bath does something to me […]