Where Have I Been?

Where the hell have I been? It’s a simple reason, but one that has been the bane of my life all month and longer. Sadly it’s not been because I’ve been having a WILD summer but all because my internet has been extremely crappy and intermittent with plenty of outages, so my blog has suffered. Side note: it’s not been great for work either seeing as I’m a web developer who works from home…

It’s been such a pain not being able to do things online, just from a personal perspective; I feel like I’ve been losing my mind a little bit. Going to work from a cafe just isn’t an option for me financially at the moment so it’s been hugely frustrating and many of my productive feelings seem to have gone down the drain with the wait. Although I’m keen to get back to posting, I could have been creating the content for more but instead I’ve just let myself get a bit lazy and detached and it’s definitely been a struggle to stop the feelings of ineptitude and apathy that can creep in when you haven’t worked for a while.

In other news, I’ve updated my theme, something that’s been ready for a while but the process of getting it onto my test site was painstaking. Then getting it onto here was also a task I had tried to do sooner but couldn’t because my internet would just keep cutting out. I’ve now stared at this theme for so long I don’t think I’m happy with it but I’ll see how it goes. I went for a sidebar on the homepage, but kept full-width on the posts. I felt it needed to be easier to find things from the homepage, but my photos are important to me and I still want them to be enjoyed at a larger size when reading a post, especially when it comes to my travel tales. I have so many more photos to come from my South America travels and I want them to be experienced large.

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